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2007-05-21 - 9:36 a.m.
long weekend

personality crisis gotta tell you it was hot - new york dolls

i'm in west l.a. at patches and joses' w/ matty.

we've been here since friday. we saw the knitters play at the getty center, friday night. it was cool. their performance was to highlight? accentuate? a photo exhibit called......under the sun? shit, now i can't remember. anyway, it's pictures of los angeles. pretty cool.

since the getty closes at 9pm, it was still super early when we left there. so, we headed over to del's saloon and had some drinks.

saturday, we slept in, then headed over to the century city mall and checked out
"waitress". it was cute and funny and pretty good. it seemed a little long, but, it was good. i didn't realize how much i missed keri russel until i watched to movie. i was a felicity fan. she's so beautiful.

after the movie, we walked around the mall and i bought some sunglasses. they're spy brand glasses and they're kinda fuckin' rad.

we stopped at some random mexican joint and i had a so-so chile verde burrito, and an excellent chicken taco.

anyway, sunday we had breakfast at farmers market and walked around the grove. i never buy anything there, but, i have to say, i do love walking around there. it's all cobblestones and kinda has a european feel to it. i mean, it's all phony and whatever, but, it's kinda pleasant. even if it is a mall. afterwards, we drove up fairfax and checked out family. it's a newish bookstore that i read about. i picked up
a book of short stories by miranda july.
she's kind of amazing. if you haven't seen the movie, "me and you and everyone we know", you should. she wrote it.

anyhow, it's a small bookstore, but, it's got a super eclectic little selection. there's like, one off zines, and there seemed to be a lot of graphic novels. which i love.

i can't believe that matty's still asleep.

we're cool. it basically boils down to: he thinks i'm too much of a flirt and i guess that's true. i just don't see it the way other people do. well, i do and i don't.

i'm not getting into that right now.

i will though. i work out a lot of my bullshit here.

anyway, we're gonna check out albert hammond jr. tonight at the house of blues. it should be cool.

i just wanna jump on matty right now. he's so beautiful and i do love him so much.



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